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Originally Posted by charliefedererer View Post
Most of us tennis players are pretty stubborn.

If we weren't, we never would have made much progress, stopping for every little ache or pain.

But once a real overuse injury occurs, I think if we can understand what is going on, we can take some time off knowing it is the only way we can make progress to eventually get back to the sport we love.

Also, I would really encourage you to add in the Thrower's Ten to your weight lifting regimen to prevent future injuries.

You also might be interested in looking at this site to modify your current off court training. The rotational movements of the core on the legs are not ones that are targeted by most weight lifters. By incorporating more of the exercises like lunges, and the use of medicine balls, you can help prevent back, hip and knee injuries that seem to crop up in too many players.

The Elite Approach to Tennis Strength Training

Best wishes for as speedy a recovery as possible!
Thanks, yea I'm going to rest. If you saw me, I "Look" in great, well good shape, but it's like I'm "Mr. Potatoe Head", one thing falling off at a time. Trust me I'm no whiner, but I've been on pain killers out of necessity on and off for 8 months, feel like I'm 90!
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