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Originally Posted by Number1Coach View Post
Soianka thanx for the defense of DB but in this case your wrong , this kid plays 4 hrs a week and is equal talent to DB he should go pro then don't you agree ? Think it through you have to agree ?

This is the same guy that watched DB serve , no radar gun yet he knew the speed was not over the 120 mph , this is why I shake my head at some of the experts on here .

Btw DB serving at Philip was a big serve being returned by Philip who has a "great" return , made 125 look like 40 mph , saying DB wasn't serving big was and insult to Philips talent .
He seems to be suggesting that his son is more talented than a kid with much better results...if only he practiced more. But of course the kid won't practice more because trying to pursue one's dreams are apparently a foolish endeavor.

I just don't like the repeated negative tone of some adults around here. The glee they seem to take in putting down a teenager and pretending that they can predict the future or can easily quantify some young person's potential.

I thought I'd give the dude a bit of his own medicine.

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