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Originally Posted by dlam View Post
Ok thanks sysTem
Being more consistent with my serve is big difference between winning and losing for me
I'll try J toss for the deuce side
I am thinking my trajectory are always some form of parabola and trying to make it straight up and down makes me more inconsistent
You may find the following video describing lifting the arm parallel to the baseline helpful:
Federer Murray Haas & more ball toss common threads
(Tossing parallel to the baseline allows you to rotate away from the court while you are tossing, rather than tossing and then hurrying to rotate your shoulders only after you toss, so you won't feel hurried to coil your shoulders. Notice in the above pics of Sampras that by the time he releases the ball (pic 5) he has already coiled his shoulders quite a bit, even though he continues to coil even a little bit more after ball release to pic 8 where he has his back pointed at the court he is serving into.)

Notice that in the overhead view of Sampras in my post above, on his first serve he does not keep his arm exactly parallel to the baseline, but only approximately so.

In order to get the ball to go slightly into the court for a first serve, the ball is held above Pete's rear foot when the ball is lowest (pic 1), and as the arm is raised (pic 2) the arm is brought slightly into the court [now the ball is between Pete's feet], and by the time the ball is released in pic 4, the ball has been brought forward to be over Pete's front foot.
If you don't slightly swing your arm forward, the ball would not move out into the court, where most prefer to contact the ball on their first serve.
(On the other hand, bringing your hand/arm straight up in between your feet would result in the ball coming down over your head, where many prefer to place the ball for their second serve.)

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