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Originally Posted by KenC View Post
From another perspective, maybe you don't really want the PK to play like a Pure Drive. Pop isn't everything. Control is just as important as pop, as is arm comfort.

<begin rant> The Pure Drive is a missile launcher, but often you don't want a missile launcher. Unless your missile is very well placed, it just serves as good pace for the opponent to send back a missile. Hitting hard is not as great as it seems when your opponent can handle hard shots and sometimes use them to punish you. Now I am a low level 5.0 playing against higher level players in the 5.0 and above tournaments, I see that my power shots aren't that effective and had to stop driving shots with good pace right into my opponents preferred strike zone. Now I have to first move them around with deep shots that bounce close the shoulder or close to the knee so that my opponents can't easily attack my shots. In this case precise placement with a precise trajectory are more important than outright power. There lies the fault with the Pure Drive. That level of precision is really difficult to obtain with the PD.

That brings up another point. A lot of pop actually comes from your opponent's ball. If you are playing against 3.0 players who have little or no pace, you will need a racquet that has considerable pop to generate pace. But when you play against some 5.5 monster whose typical rally shots have excellent pace, you don't need a missile launcher to return with good pace. My severely underpowered PSLGTs generate a seriously heavy ball when I have good pace to work with.

So, pop is just a small part of the overall game. Yes, you may need it if you want to play at the 3.0-4.0 level and want to generate pace, but beyond that you start to see how important being able to control everything else really is. </end rant>

Your question should actually be inverted. How can we modify the PDGT to play more like the PK Ki5 315? Now that's a real challenge.
I'm looking for a like button on this post to say "Amen." Nicely said.
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