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Default Stringing tension difference between different brands of natural gut


I've started with Mamba natural gut as an introduction into the natural gut domain - and have really enjoyed it. Since it's unavailable right now, I figure it's time to bite the bullet, and try the premium gut that everyone is raving about just this once to see if there is such a drastic difference between the two.

I have the following on order, and wanted to solicit your opinions if I need to adjust my tension up/down for these new strings. My main goal is to maintain the same depth(power) from this experiment - not too worried about feel, spin potential, etc. I know the easiest thing is just to string all of them up using the same tension as my current setup and go from there; however, I think each one has different "power level" so I think I need to account for that in order to get the same result. Since they are pretty pricey and I only have 1 set of each, I'm hoping to get it very close the first time around.

Babolat Tonic+ Natural Gut 15L
Wilson Natural Gut 16
Pacific Classic Natural Gut 16
Pacific Tough Gut 16
KLIP Legend Natural Gut 15L
KLIP Armour Pro Natural Gut 16

Just for reference, I have the following
Prokennex Qtour(18x20)
Mamba premium natural gut mains(62)
Scorpion/B5E/Genesis Black Magic(56) - still undecided on the cross at the moment
Laserfibre MS200TT

Thanks for the help.
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