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Originally Posted by heycal View Post
Say what??

I don't recognize the other songs you mention, but if "Wouldn't it be nice?" is your definition of a great song, I don't hold out much hope for those others. It's perfectly pleasant, but hardly a masterpiece.

As for the mental breakdown -- what's his excuse for not producing better non-surf music before that happened?

Don't get me wrong. I think Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys are great overall, and could be the best American band of all. It's just that the Beatles and Stones were significantly better. It's not unlike Andy Roddick being the best American tennis player in his day -- yet not in the same league as the Europeans.
The record company had a lot of say over what kind of musics bands produced in those days. The beach boys got popular because of the surf and car stuff. So Brian made a lot of it because that's what sold records.

When we made Pet Sounds the record company were seriously against it, as were a lot of the fans. You'll notice it didn't do particularly well, there's a good reason for that.

He was moving away from the surfing stuff, and it sounded totally different. Then just as Pet sounds started to pick up, the record company released a Beach Boys best of. So people stopped buying Pet Sounds and bought the best of instead.

Brian was really disappointed with the performance of Pet Sounds, and really angry with the record company for effectively sabotaging any chance it had to be a big seller.
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