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Default Confidence level with different overgrip?

I just realised my play is very sensitive to the overgrip I use. I was using Polyfibre SAT overgrip and was playing well. I heard good things about Yonex Supergrap and bought a set of 3 at the booth at the US Open. It felt very soft and comfortable but suddenly, my level of play dropped. I tried so many things to fix it but just couldn't find my form. Earlier this week, I picked up my spare racquet that had an old Polyfibre overgrip on and it just felt so right. I thought it was the grip size. So I swapped the overgrips and surprisingly, my current racquet felt right and my spare racquet doesn't. It's like I just don't feel confident playing with the Supergrap. There's just something about the Polyfibre SAT that just feel so right for me. Today I played with the Polyfibre overgrip and my form was WAY better than the last few sessions.

Is anyone else sensitive to the type of overgrip used?
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