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Originally Posted by ChicagoJack View Post
Hi Rozroz,

Argument/Position 1 : Strings don't matter much because : Really good players can beat you with anything.


Argument/Position 2 : Strings don't matter very much because : String material makes little difference.


[B]3. Argument/Position 3 : Strings make very little difference because: Frequency of re-stringing makes very little difference.

- Hope this helps, Jack
Amen jack. I think i love you with my man parts.

As for argument 3, Let's just say that there are a million other factors restringing a resource consuming commodity.

EVEN IF WE COULD have instant (Add hot water and wait 5 mins for fully plump strings at a preferred tension!) gratification source of stringing and no more factors making it a hassle, people frequently restring so they could have the consistently (and subjectively) great to amazing feel they wanted from the strings that "didn't matter."

^run on sentence, but I'm tired and stupid by the nature in which I have grown.
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