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Default Wilson BLX Pro Tour 2012 Review

I bought the BLX Pro Tour 2012 from Mid West for $75 to replace my K Pro Tour, and let me tell you it is worth the money. Comparing it to the K Pro Tour specs wise it is exactly the same but now made with BLX instead of Karophite. What that did was make the frame feel even more solid than the K factor.

On groundstrokes with the BLX Pro Tour it is one solid frame the racquet never vibrated or shook it just felt solid even on miss hits. The sweet spot was generous and the racquet can generate some amazing spin and power with it's 16x20 pattern. I was like a wall with this frame on the baseline I just couldn't miss. I can take a half swing and still get good power and spin.

For serves and volley this racquet reminded me of my old Pro Staff 6.0 it's head light so it's really maneuverable and with it's BLX material it felt solid at the net no matter how hard someone was hitting a ball at me I just stuck the racquet out and it did all the work. For serves the racquet has a nice pop my first serves felt great and my second serves I was throwing some nice spin.

Overall if you're a fan of the K Pro Tour, BLX Pro Tour 18x20, the Juice Pro or an agressive player who's looking for a great cheap powerful spin freindly stick I would definate give this racquet a try.

My set up for the frame is switching the grip to full leather instead of the hybrid grip, 2 inches of lead at 3 and 9 o'clock for added stability. For strings I use natural gut mains at 58 and Alu Rough at 61.
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