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Originally Posted by ChicagoJack View Post
Hi Rozroz,

String matters a whole bunch. I have absolutely no doubt about that. It is the heart and soul of the racquet.

Argument/Position 1 : Strings don't matter much because : Really good players can beat you with anything.

- True, but that says more about ability level than it does equipment choice. This is, essentially, one version of the eternal Swordsman vs The Sword debate.

- So.. there's a guy that consistently, and maddeningly beats you using Xyz string, or only strings once per year, or worse yet, seems not to care about equipment at all. Me thinks this has more to do with an obvious talent level gap than it does string choice, or re-string frequency.

Argument/Position 2 : Strings don't matter very much because : String material makes little difference.

what the heck are you doing hanging out in a string forum? Go outside, play. Have fun, enjoy your game.

Nothing good comes easy. The folks that claim there is no difference are most likely the folks who are poo poo - ing an arduous process, and have not done the work.

3. Argument/Position 3 : Strings make very little difference because: Frequency of re-stringing makes very little difference. That's actually a very interesting topic, which involves a pretty nuanced answer. I'll save that for another day. This post is already so long that nobody will read it LOL.
i can try to explain my position again in order to be more clear (regarding the highlighted parts):

when I play i recently learned to feel the change in strings tension, going dead, trampolined, etc. i can feel those changes and i can feel i have to adjust or be extra careful in order to keep the ball in or whatever.

but that's what i cannot accept. this is no excuse whatsoever.

if it's the level of play that makes the old guy handle his shots pretty much the same all the time, well then maybe i'm frustrated a bit

that's why i was wondering if besides the feel and fun of a fresh good stringjob is it really worth it? it's frustrating that i cannot adjust my game and start wondering about my strings, no?

about hanging out in the string forum: i mostly doing that when deciding on good reels to buy for a long period of time. other than that i totally don't care about it afterwards and just go and play.

about frequency of stringing: i think we could all say that after 6-8 hours or even less we would prefer a new string bed.
that makes me even more frustrated. it's too much money and time wasting, instead of just playing. is it not being spoiled? i totally prefer having a string for as long as possible and just play...
and please- i KNOW it's fun changing strings and experimenting. and i totally dig the FUN FACTOR of great strings. i'm not talking about that. it's just that since i started with poly hybrids the inevitable cycle of re-stringing became more apparent. so watching the old guy bagel me with my quality hybrid makes me mad
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