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At some instances, your contact point should be more out front as 5263 suggested but be careful not to hit too far in front either as that can cause problem too. In general, hitting in line with your front foot is a good rule of thumb. However, I think you have some problem with the consistency of your contact point, particularly on your forehand. Sometimes you were lunging forward and sometimes leaning backwards. Move your feet and use small adjusting steps to get into your striking zone and stand your ground. I thought the forehand crosscourt on the run at 13:00 was very good. Weight was on the outside leg to begin with, pushed off from that leg and landed with weight forward. This new video by FYB also touched on loading the outside leg and pushing off it which I find very useful.

I think you have some of the problems shown by the example at 31:50. Also, you would sometimes load correctly on the outside leg but instead of pushing off, you pivot about that leg. E.g. the rally starting at 3:02, you hit a few pretty decent forehands. At 3:27, the setup was pretty good but as you strike the ball, you pivot about your right leg and your left leg ended up at the back. Look at Roddick and Verdasco in the FYB video around 11:00. They would push off the outside leg and rotate but keep their inside leg in front. That keeps their weight forward instead of leaning back. Andy Murray at 13:20 may have his left leg behind him in the end but that's because he pushed off his right leg and his right leg came in front.
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