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I really don't understand why the posters don't want at least one fast surface for Majors. They all talk about balancing and at the same time wants ONLY slow courts

Why can't we have Wimbledon on fast grass and US Open on fast hard courts. They can have a slow hard court Major at AO. This would give enough for attacking players also.

Bobby Jr recently opened a thread about the Llodra v/s Isner match at Paris. I too watched it and it was really entertaining to watch.

It's really sad that we won't have serve and volley players in the future. People here are thinking from only Nadal v/s Federer perspective. Once their favorites are all gone and when Tennis becomes just six hour long rallies from base lines on all courts they truly realize that how boring Tennis has become. I am sure that's gonna happen if you are a genuine fan of Tennis
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