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Originally Posted by Tennusdude View Post
I know this has been gone over several times before and there may be no definitive answer, however how much does anyone increase tension when switching from Electronic Constant Pull machine to a Crank machine. What is a happy medium for the increase? 6 percent maybe? And would this need to change when using Polyester or Natural Gut?
That would depend on the string and how the lockout stringer is used. Notice in the picture below it takes about seconds (2-4) for a tension of 66 lbs to be pulled. Immediately after lockout the tension drops about 11 lbs in about o.5 seconds. then it maintains a fairly constant tension. What do you think would be the result of pulling tension more than once?

EDIT: An easy way to see how much tension is actually lost for a specific string is to measure it. That can be done with a tension gauge if you have a lockout. Of course your question is the reverse of that. You can't really measure how much tension was lost string with a lockout. One could measure the string bed stiffness after a stringing job and then try to replicate that on any type machine. But then again depending on how you string and the methods you use you cant just look at a chart you are going to have to start tracking your work. Using the same consistent methods over and over, you should be able to determine what tension needs to be used to produce an SBS with a given head size and string pattern.
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