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Originally Posted by Irvin View Post
Another way you can reduce drawback if you have fixed clamps is to slightly push the base of the clamp slightly toward the tension head. Be very careful it is possible to add tension pushing it too far. You want the clamp to tighten slightly when you clamp the base and when you release tension it should drop back to the point where the clamp was without the base tightened.
That portion of your statement doesn't sanity check for me; seems like a stretch. I do this routinely, and the base that moves, and only a slight distance. I seriously doubt you have to be so delicate to preclude adding tension. I think if you pulled tension, then released while trying to hold the string with your hand/fingers, and you're unable to prevent it from retracting, you wouldn't be able to add tension by doing something is simplistic as pushing the base toward the tensioner to prevent drawback.
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