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Thanks for the link, Ramon. Whenever I tried searching for 7G specifically, it would say the string is too short. I think they require at least three letters. Of course, then I realized that my title is 2 words of 2 letters each.

I have seen a lot of comments about the 7G in PK and arm friendly threads which is what ultimately led me to it, but specific threads seemed hard to come by. I originally looked at the Ki5 and found your thoughts on the Ki5x, but the older racquets got great reviews and were a bit cheaper. I was meant to demo, but my arm just couldn't wait, so I jumped in. I just really felt like sharing my experience, too, in case there is someone out there in a similar circumstance wondering if they should give it a shot. In a way, I suppose I should say thanks to you, scotus, mikeler and others who posted their comments on PK and helped me thank you!
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