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Originally Posted by MikeHitsHard93 View Post
Did Agassi actually use these, or were they just a paint job? I hope you like them!
You mean the paintjob of them? As we all know, Agassi always used his original Radical Tour 260 over the years with different paintjobs. I own one of his Flexpoint ones where you can clearly see the fake flexpoint holes painted on. He did play exhibitions sometime within 2007-2008 when Head had it's Microgel line out as I've seen a Microgel paintjobbed Radical OS before. As for the Microgel Radical OS we can all buy, it is the last of the mold that was started with the Ti Radical (since they changed the mold with the Youteks) many have said, it's a nice flexible OS player's racquet that has room for customization if stock form is too light for you.
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