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Those tensions seem very high for a dense pattern. I've usually dropped down to the high 40s for poly crosses and low 50s for gut mains when using 18x20 and 16g on both mains and crosses.

As for the strings I don't know Klip but Pacific and Touch play similarly with the edge to Touch imo. Wilson is very different from those two.

Fans of Wilson and pre-BT7 Touch would call the current version of Touch stiff or dead while others would call it crisp. Fans of BT7 Touch would call Wilson Gut mushy while others would call Wilson plush and comfortable with great feel. All would be right since it's so subjective.

I disliked BT7 Touch at first but after repeated tests against Wilson with poly crosses I must now admit that while it IS less comfy or plush the BT7 Touch definitely provides easier access to spin and better control.

In your case I believe it really is a toss up with your frame. If comfort and feel are your primary concerns go with Wilson, it's the easy choice on your list for those characteristics. If you want spin and control then I would recommend BS Touch or perhaps Team in your frame. It all depends on your prioroities.
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