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Originally Posted by parasailing View Post
I have to disgree with you regarding Prime. I still think the original Babolat VS is more plush.
even the new "reformulated" VS (which I haven't tried)

Originally Posted by lcalamar View Post
I play with a Volkl Organix 8 300 - 16x18 string pattern.

The gut is 52 and the cofocus is 49.

I just restrung tonight with Tough Gut - and while I don't know how it will play yet - it was MUCH easier to string than the Natural Gut - so I'm guessing that it may last longer just based on the fact I probably didn't have stringing issues.

I was just wondering if perhaps my clamps were too tight on the Natural gut - if that could cause durability issues?
You should first clean your clamps and second set them just tight enough to prevent slippage. Clamping gut too tightly can cause it to break. I would definitely check and reset them if need be. I always clean & reset my clamps when I string gut to ensure that I don't over tighten.
Volkl C10 Solinco Tour Bite 19/Gosen OG 18 @ 50
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