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My thought would be to use the green ball exclusively until form is acceptable and points can be constructed. Since adults don't play on 36 or 60 foot courts, I wouldn't think the red or orange ball would be of much value. However, having said that, I'll do mini tennis with a foam ball sometimes for a good warm up. I see a lot of juniors that are hacking away in clinics and I wonder how or why they have graduated to the normal ball. Same for adults, but the flip side is that 3.0 tennis is alive and well. I realize that not every adult rec player can progress to 4.0 or 4.5, I just wonder what is the best method to get them to their maximum play ability in the shortest time?

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Honestly, as I'm remaking my game, when in doubt, I pose the question, "what would a nationally top ranked U12 player do?"

He's obviously accomplishing more than me with a far weaker body, so he must be doing almost everything right.

Also, I think you're misinterpreting (or I am). The green ball is the standard ball. You mean "should they be using red and yellow balls until they are as good as these players?"

They should use them until they become solid. Being as good as those kids with an adult or adolescent body is quite a high level of play.
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