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Originally Posted by PeteD View Post
There are public claims for revenues but are they accurate? Not sure where you get $177 million. Wall St. Journal claimed it was $215 million in 2011:
World Tennis magazine claimed the USO 2012 took in $218 million and players' take was 8.6%.

I have a feeling the ATP executives don't reveal costs, which would include salaries that are rumored to be rather high for their skill level. I'd wager pro tennis has a lot of good ol' boy stuff going on and the players are getting shafted.
I got it from the horses mouth.

A requirement of the USTA's tax-exempt status is to make public disclosure of its financials using IRS Form 990.

I got $177 million (rounded down) from line item "tournament related" in Part VIII "statement of revenue." I ignored $1.3 million of "tennis program fees" because I don't know what it means and not sure it is USO related and I ignored "ball tests fees" as immaterial. Call it 178 if you prefer -- it doesn't effect the players percent much.

I got $25 million (rounded down) in prize money from the line item "event prize money/other" in Part IX "statement of functional expenses."

Those two numbers were the components of the 14% figure representing the players share of the tournament revenue.

There is about $47 million of "tennis tournament" revenue that shows up on the National Tennis Center (an affiliated entity of the USTA) Form 990 that would get you to $224 but I assume (but do not know for sure at first glance) if I slogged through the rules that the $47 is included on the USTA form in the $178. (The $47 million appears to represent admissions and merchandise only.)

On your other point, the USTA is not "atp executives." The USTA, again related to its tax exempt status, must disclose compensation for officers, directors, key employees and highest compensated employees as well as independent contractors.

It must also disclose its expenses.

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