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Originally Posted by COPEY View Post
Well, since we're talking theory here, all I can say is if it works for you, I'm good with that. Me, I'm in the camp that says the added stress on the base by pushing it toward the tensioner is negligible.
I tried to test out my theory for you but I didn't get too far. I started the main in a racket and pulled tension to 50 lbs. I used a String meter to measure the free string tension at 46 lbs. I clamped the string and released tension. The clamp moved back maybe 1 mm and the tension was 38 lbs. I pulled tension on the next main and measured the same main again and it was back up to 46 lbs.

Released all and started over this time I pulled tension and measured string at 46 lbs which isn't surprising. Then before clamping the base I pushed it with a good deal of force with my finger, before clamping the base, and removed the tensioner. I measured that string then with only the clamp holding it at 59 lbs. I figured I figured I did not need to go any further.
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