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Originally Posted by Magnus View Post
Now, if your not playing your best and can hit winners at a given moment, maybe go back to the basics instead of trying to force it? Why didn't he use the slice? The shot that always served him so well against Novak was barely used as an offensive tool, and instead he always tried to go toe to toe with the sometimes-great-but-mostly-inconsistent BH of his. The chip and charge that worked so well against Murray was gone, net game was barely there, and the serve failed him at the most crucial moments (usually its what saves him).

Fed could win this match, he had it, he played better than Novak for a big portion of the match, but him trying to go for highlight reels ultimately killed the match for him.
It was not Federer's bh that was the problem in most of that match, it was his forehand that kept on breaking down and that Djokovic was exposing.
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