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Originally Posted by tlm View Post
That is what many here claim that the extra spin will give the control needed to tame down the trampoline effect of the low tension. But they never mention that in a match situation a player cannot always use spin.

Every player I know agrees that the higher tension the better control, this is the only place I have ever heard that lower tension can give as good or better control than high tension does.

What does that mean?

Higher tension is better control for flatter hitters. Lower tension retains the power for spin hitters. The spin is used to control the ball. This is why Nadal, the hardest swinger in the game strings at 55#s. Now ask yourself, do you hit nearly as hard as him? No. So could you not string your poly at 48 or 50 if you are a spin hitter and retain good control? Of course.

The problem with lower tensions is that it challenges poor technique. If you arm the ball you will have to resort to stringing high even though you hit with spin.
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