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Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
Murray had a dream run in winning the USO but otherwise played unspectacular tennis for most of the year - even if it was his best. He, of all people, benefited the most from Nadal being absent. I will pick him for winning no majors next year or that he'll come right and sneak in the US Open. Prior to that I give him about 20% chance at the Aussie Open, 10% if Nadal is playing at all well.
Aussie Open I'll go for Djokovic, French Open - Nadal and Wimbledon - Federer.

Sound familiar?
Yep - he was garbage when he took Nole all the way in the AO semis, terrible when he made the final of Wimbledon and bloody awful when he won the Olympics.

10% chance to beat Nadal at the AO? Is this the same Nadal with a 2-2 H2h v Murray in hardcourt slams? The same Nadal that Murray leads 5-4 on hards since 2008 - that Nadal?

I'm loving how you concede that Murray might 'sneak' the USO. Others would win it of course, but Murray would sneak it - despite beign the defending champion.
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