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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post

Shocking as that statement was, I trust you've done the British thing and gathered your senses and calmed down after the imbibing a strong cuppa.

On a serious note, how are you feeling about Allardyce and what he's doing with the hammers? Seems like he's doing well, no? A West Ham fan has told me he's slowly but surely become a convert.


Who - surely at a massive loss for the blues - are the contenders to buy Torres? Which teams would have him? Where would he want to go?
Yes i'm ok now thank you Ross!!
As for SA, it's been a very long time since we've played any good traditional "west ham style" football.We're winning more than they are loosing at the moment so that feels better as a fan!FRankly I have to say having watched quit a lof of it on tv this year the old Big Sam cliches' are for the most past nonsense, we have played some great passing stuff but frankly don't look like we'll fold as soon as someone runs at us with the ball.They cleared a lof of players out after relegation the only one i'd of kept would of been Demba Ba, however once he went off in a huff as with his prev club i was happy enough to se ehim go.
You liking the way TH are going?
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