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Default Question about Hybrids

Was demo'ing a few sticks from TW and the Donnay XDual Gold was strung as a hybrid. It had Prince EXP in the mains, and Prince LT in the crosses. It felt ok. I've read a little about using Hybrids for durability and such. I've always used multis in all of my racquets. I might wind up getting the Donnay. What other benefits does that setup provide? Also, the Kirschbaum Pro Line II seems to get a lot of positive reviews. I don't have a tennis elbow per se, but every now and them my arm feels fatigued after playing with new or demo racquets. So I don't want to stray to far from what I'm used to. But if I can get more spin or control I'd hate to not even try it. It's a fine line I guess.
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