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the difference between us "USA" and global is they go for it, our view is coddle as long as we can as coaches and allways tell our players its impossible to make it as a pro 'your a good example' then when they reach 18 we pass them off to college and hope somehow magically they figure out a 'real work ethic' and get the belief you could never instill , sorry buddy never would tell my player the stars cannot be reach if they are willing to sacrifice and go for it .

As for global the rest of the globe is nothing.
You have invented this theory out of thin air because it is the only way you get from where you are to the pro level. I have never heard or read anyone in the tennis world with this as their base viewpoint. Everyone in tennis points to 2 major reasons for European pro dominance: 1) They attract the better athletes. Tennis is the 2nd or 3rd most popular sport in Europe, in the US between 9 and 11; 2) Training on clay courts is superior because if creates better footwork, rewards patience, and helps a player learn how to build a point.
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