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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
What tension are people using for black VS and 4G and in what stick?
I've used VS/4G in the 4D 200and 200 Tour. And I've tried both 4G 1.25 and 1.30 crosses.

In the 200 (18x20, 95") 1.30 felt too stiff for me at 54/50 and 52/48. I didn't try it again after that. Sort of got the feeling 4G might be too stiff for my arm in that dense pattern.

In my modified 200 Tours (16x19, 95") I've tried 1.25 and 1.30 crosses from 54/50 to 57/53 with a couple of variations in between. So far my favorite is 1.25 at 55/51. 1.30 provided better control but less pop, less feel, and less spin. 1.25's control level is lower but still great while also providing much better spin potential. 1.30 also died "stiffer" and less comfortable. 1.25 at 51 as a cross is dying like some MSV products: more cushioned than other polys.

Note in all cases we're talking VS/4G hybrids, not full bed 4G.

All of those tests were in warm to hot weather, Atlanta in late summer through fall. It's cooling off now so it will be interesting to see how 4G behaves at lower temps.
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