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Originally Posted by coaching32yrs View Post
You have invented this theory out of thin air because it is the only way you get from where you are to the pro level. I have never heard or read anyone in the tennis world with this as their base viewpoint. Everyone in tennis points to 2 major reasons for European pro dominance: 1) They attract the better athletes. Tennis is the 2nd or 3rd most popular sport in Europe, in the US between 9 and 11; 2) Training on clay courts is superior because if creates better footwork, rewards patience, and helps a player learn how to build a point.

Here i will give you and easy one to try and explain "build a point or construct a point " ? please explain this theory all you coaches use this term and it doesnt exist !! There is No way to build a point in todays game, its all about reacting in a ralley that is moving at mach speed and the only time you can think these days in tennis is on the serve and you can sometimes start guessing on return .

build a point ? clay courts build superior footwork I dont think so great footwork is built off court with hrs and hrs of hard work this is where it is built but coaches like you will spew this garbage out like it is law because you have know idea how to take a player to the beach put them and the sand and have them work for a good hr or two .

just to make sure I heard right because they are on clay they have superior footwork ? then are you saying building footwork off court is not needed ? which one is it ?

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