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Why do people insist on making these threads? Better yet, why do I still keep responding to them? *sigh* alright here it goes.

Nadal will still have his openings to return to the #1 position. Federer and Murray I feel will not keep up with Nadal, especially on clay and grass at this point. All of it hinges on Novak's performance. If he goes down early, then it's a safe bet to assume that if it happened to be a clay and grass tourny, then Nadal has the green light for the title. How far this extends into hard court season is another matter, he never really exerted any true displays of dominance on hard courts for an extended period. It seems too much to ask to go up against the three best hard-court players of this generation. But who knows, a lot of what I already said also is based on Nadal returning to regular form. I could be totally wrong and Nadal comes out and never returns to any semblance of his former level.

In other words, speculation at best. Everyone was saying Fed never had it in him to return to #1 in 08, 10 and 11; look what happened. Anything can happen at this point
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