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Originally Posted by vsbabolat View Post
I've also had BT7 pop in my bag overnight 3 times. The original formula never, never, never did that too me.
This is the ONLY thing that may make me look elsewhere - but it's significant.
I make look for another gut with a certain crispness that won't pop.

Originally Posted by Torres View Post
What tension are people using for black VS and 4G and in what stick?
Donnay P1 16x19 - VS Team @59; 4g 125 @54.

Originally Posted by TimothyO View Post
I too missed Touch Classic when it was first replaced by BT7. But then another TT member pointed out that some players may prefer stiffer gut (eg Pacific). So I tried it again and the new formulation does seem to work better in a hybrid for spin potential and control.

I've tried this VS versus Wilson in a few head to head tests with different crosses and 4G seems to result in the highest contrast between the two.

There's another thread in this section in which the OP says he's done trying different string, at least for a while. After this latest series of tests this fall I'm going to join him. Nothing else I've tested provides Touch/4G's unique combination of control, comfort, durability, and spin potential. Other setups might provide a little more comfort or a little more spin but none provide such a balanced package.
Agreed - one important point to add: the consistency of play during the life of the string job. But if I have another gut job pop overnight, I may look at Pacific.
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