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Originally Posted by Misterbill View Post
Goober, our family actually knows someone who was interested in UW a few years ago. Soon after expressing interest, she got a nice email back from Jill Hultquist saying thanks and that if you are not in the top 50 (top 50) or so on TRN, your chances of getting an offer were very low, but you are welcome to pursue a possible walk-on role if you wish.

The player was not top 50, so there was momentary disappointment....... but a feeling of relief not to have to read tea leaves, and lasting admiration for the candor of Jill Hultquist.

[I was going to say something else right here, but that would have just been repetition]
So if that is the case she is actually not offering you unless you are blue chip (top 25) or 5 star. 5 star looks like it goes down to around 60-70. I am sure she would take someone in the 60-70 range. So if you are 4 star or lower you have to walk on. Is that unreasonable for a PAC 12 school?
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