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It really depends on what you are selling.

Selling magazine subscriptions door to door, selling shoes in a store and being an Ad Executive to large accounts are all sales jobs technically but are worlds apart. Some sales jobs require a high degree of education and professionalism, others do not. There are some great sales jobs, but most are horrible.

Since you are a kid, the first thing you should do is get your degree. Go to a state school and save yourself (and/or) your parents a fortune. Go to the local CC for two years, take all transferable basic courses and then get your bachelor's degree from the best state school you can enter.
Study something technical if you can handle it, engineering, etc. If not, get a business degree. A grad degree (MBA or Masters in Science) is not a bad idea, either.

There are some great account management jobs. Suppliers to large concerns that spend millions each year on parts or equipment. Anything from reping an OEM to automotive companies to rep-ing an OEM to computer related companies, etc. Or, being an ad exec to large clients. Or, working in marketing for a large firm. Those are usually good gigs. Cold calling jobs, stock brokers, insurance etc, might be your cup of tea if you enjoy talking on the phone to total strangers a lot. In a good market, real estate in certain areas is not a bad gig.

But, if you are a naturally a deceptive, lying, disingenuous, manipulative POS, but still able to maintain an air of credibility and feign integrity, there is no better place for you than the world of sales.

And yes, one can get rich in sales but it all boils down to what you are selling.

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