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Originally Posted by rdis10093 View Post
for real though, I am a 4.0 that has his days. I am left handed and push with the forehand, while my two hander is very flat and my weapon. I also have crazy lefty slice that spins inside out. rigth now in college club. I go through poly syn hybrids in about 20ish hours of mild tennis drills. when I was playing in high school though, I played full bed of lux alu rough at 60 lbs, but is killed my arm to the point were I was out of the game for like 4 weeks. Now I string my hybrids at 53/51 and my arm loves it. I could play for ever.

In short you think I am man enough for kevlar poly mix or will it kill my arm?

Ps. what do you string at?
I don't see what you would gain by trying it.

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