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Originally Posted by goober View Post
So if that is the case she is actually not offering you unless you are blue chip (top 25) or 5 star. 5 star looks like it goes down to around 60-70. I am sure she would take someone in the 60-70 range. If you are 4 star or lower you have to walk on. Is that unreasonable for a PAC 12 school?
TRN says there are 25 blue chips, and then the next 50 are five-stars, so that is 75. But we have seen that the number can vary a little.

I don't think Jill Hultquist's recruiting priorities are unreasonable. Seems she thinks she needs "Top-50" TRN talent to compete in the Pac-12. I can't argue with that. She tries to get it domestically as the top priority and if she is successful, she never has to go to her secondary priorities. If she can't get top 50 talent domestically, then she goes to the next priority, which is apparently international recruits.

Contrary to some suggestions, I believe UW is at a recruiting disadvantage to most other Pac-12 teams and lots of top programs in the South and Southeast. So it would not surprise me if UW cannot get two top-50s domestically every year.

I am not going to tell Jill Hultquist that her first priority should be top-200 (4-star) talent from around her back yard. I think she's got it down pretty good........and based on her longevity at UW (8 years), I am guessing her AD agrees.

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