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Originally Posted by Playtennis View Post
As a self rated player, if you get bumped down EOY, how much van they bump you. Is .5 max either way?
There is no maximum level you can be bumped down (or up).

As a self rated player you have no rating to start and it is entirely determined by the results of your matches (the score, who you play with if doubles, and who you play against). If you only play at one level, say 3.5, then it is unlikely given how the dynamic ratings are calculated, that you'd be bumped down lower than 3.0. But it is possible if the "3.5" players you play are actually 3.0's playing up and you lose to them badly.

So practically speaking, one likely won't see a bump down of more than one level below the level you play at, but it isn't because of any rule.
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