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Exclamation Luxilon packaging strange country of origin

I have several unopened sets of Luxilon strings, all purchased in Serbia (from a reputable vendor, authorized Wilson distributor in Serbia). However, I spotted some suspicious details on the packaging of my Luxilon string sets, so I would appreciate your help in figuring out whether these strings are authentic or not?

First of all, bar code on the back of string sets. You may, or may not know that the first three digits (GS1 code) should identify the country or origin, or at least the country where the manufacturer HQ is registered.

For Babolat and Tecnifibre strings, these three digits are 332 and 349, both in the French country codes pool. However, on three different types of my Luxilon strings (Belgian company), there are three different GS1 codes, as illustrated on these photos I took with my phone:

These three codes are 851 (non existing code), 026 ("restricted distribution") and 883 (Pakistan?!). Obviously, I'm very concerned whether these strings are authentic or fake.

Additionally, one of the two packs of Alu Power Fluoro has sign in the slogan "BIG BANGER TECHNOLOGY" while the other does not have it:

If anybody reading this post has some of Luxilon strings in their inventory, can you please check out what your barcodes looks like and post here, because Im slightly concerned what I purcahsed.

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