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Originally Posted by ruerooo View Post
Because really, no one can stay at that level all the time.
Interestingly, an article I read the other day pointed out that most recent USO winners did not go on to win much in the remaining months of the season:

The 2008 winner, Federer only went on to win his hometown tournament Basel, a 500 event.

The 2009 winner, Del Potro won no further events although he did make the final of the WTF.

The 2010 winner, Nadal only went on to win Tokyo, a 500 event. Like Del Potro, he did go on to make the final of the WTF.

The 2011 winner, Djokovic won no further events pulling out of the Asain swing, DC and Paris and failing to qualify from the group stages in London. His best showing was a semi-final appearance in Basel where he got bagelled by world # 32 Nishikori.

The 2012 winner, Murray was on the verge of defending his title in Shanghai and should have done so, passing up 5 championship points. Had he managed to convert one of them he would have done better finishing the season than the 4 previous USO winners. But he didn't and passed up 3 other match points in Tokyo and Paris too. His final appearance in the semis in London was disappointingly one of his worst performances of the year.

I wonder if the 2013 USO champion will be able to break this recent pattern and go on to win something big before the season ends?
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