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Originally Posted by batz View Post
Am I bent out of shape? I thought I was just addressing the ridicilous assertion that Murray had only played well in 2012 at the USO.

Is this thread about the relative slam records and overall standing in the game of the top 4 or is this thread about who will win what in 2013? I thought it was about the latter - but you seem to be arguing about the former. Murray's overall place in the pantheon of tennis greats has the square root of feck all to do with his chances of winning a slam next year. By that logic, Murray has less chance of winning a slam next year than Agassi and Sampras.

PS I think Roger is the greatest player ever, but the fact is that over the last 2 years he has had an inferior slam record to Murray - that for me is a more pertinent fact about the relative liklyhood of either of them winning a slam in 2013 than Roger's 17 slams.
Murray played just as well at the Australian Open and Wimbledon this year. His highest level this year was at the Australian Open Semifinal. Wimbledon final and Olympics final were equal at 2nd....he brought out his serve and forehand real well in that match.

His US Open was the worst of the year....yet he won. He addresses this in his final press conference....that he won not being in great form like he was at his other slam finals. I guess losing playing real well like 10 Aussie and 12 eventually win a slam playing poor.

US Open tournament was poor for his standards....still he pulled it out.

I believe Murray will win a slam next year.....most likely Wimbledon with the form he showed this year on the grass.
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