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Originally Posted by batz View Post
Yep - he was garbage when he took Nole all the way in the AO semis, terrible when he made the final of Wimbledon and bloody awful when he won the Olympics.

10% chance to beat Nadal at the AO? Is this the same Nadal with a 2-2 H2h v Murray in hardcourt slams? The same Nadal that Murray leads 5-4 on hards since 2008 - that Nadal?

I'm loving how you concede that Murray might 'sneak' the USO. Others would win it of course, but Murray would sneak it - despite beign the defending champion.
He probably meant Murray's dismal performance at Masters, Queens et. Doubt anyone can seriously put forward the notion that 2012 isn't Murray's best year (by far).
Luke had a better H2H but Vader is still the GOAT.
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