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Originally Posted by rufus_smith View Post
That Code section 32 needs a revison. "A player shall not talk loudly enough that can be heard by opponent(s) while a ball is moving toward an opponent’s side of the court." would be better, I think. Strictly speaking, as it is worded now Code 32. implies that even whispering to your partner or even to yourself is automatically a hindrance. That's too extreme, imo.
Agreed; the paragraph is conflicting. If just reading and stopping after the first sentence; no talking. If reading the remainder; no loud noise that an opponent finds distracting.

In real life, communication with a partner has never been expressed as even remotely an issue on either side. Really kind of surprised to read that some may strain to hear a whispered "stay," over acceptable loud shrieks, to be able to righteously label one as "cheaters". Perhaps the solution is to loudly grunt out commands as part of one's follow through.
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