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Default Tennis Trakker Pro app

Originally Posted by rschmidt View Post

I'm a software developer as well as a 4.5 tennis player. I write software for Apple platforms as well as web apps. I'm looking to get into the tennis industry and researching what software I could write.

So, I'm wondering if there is a market or demand for tennis software out there. What apps do you wish there existed? Would you be interested in apps that kept score, charted matches and kept stats? What about keeping track of your tournament schedule and matches you've played and scouting reports on opponents, etc.

Rod Schmidt
infiniteNIL Software
Tennis Trakker Pro app on my iPhone and iPad have been good for stating matches while I coached. It was pretty in depth. As with any program, there definitely could have been things someone could have gone above and beyond (I had asked then numerous times to add a way to work in doubles, but no). I'd definitely love to beta test if you get to that point with some stat software for iPad or iPhone. Get in touch.
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