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Originally Posted by PrimeChoice View Post
If so, will you please, please be my friend and see that I am of that age where all of my life goals (eg-getting married, having a kid, house) are now driven by cold hard cash.

So if your dad is in sales and started @ the bottom, but now has a boat and beach front estate, please let me know.

Thank You
I'm a VP of Sales for a Global Logistics Co.......I've been doing this job for just over 21 yrs and easily make $350,000 to $400,000 per year - at this point in my career i have a very high base salary and not as much commission but even when I had a base around $100,000 I was still easily doubling that.

As an example in the logistics industry If you are just out of school the starting base salary would be around $40,000 plus commissions (depending of which company you work for commissions would kick in once you have revenues of 1.5 to 3x your yearly base + T and E). Plus you would have a car allowance if outside sales between $400 to $500 per month as well.........once you have a few yrs experience and a solid resume it's easy to get base salaries $95,000 to $125,000+ plus commissions and make a solid living.

Now I also have friends who have worked in new car sales and made HUGE amounts of money - very cutthroat but if you have the talent and ability for it the money can be brother started out as a car salesman with a Toyota dealership 20 yrs ago and now owns 2 of his own car about big bucks!
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