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I think the Lakers defensivly will be better than alot of people think. They will outscore opeple enough to win regular season games and ilmit the minutes of the older and hobble starters.

With the Suns Dantonis teams were around the middle of the pack when it comes to opponents FG percentage. I think the lakers can be at least that good. The increased possensions will keep the points per game stat toward the bottom of the league but that is offset by the increased offensive posseions as well.

The key to beating the Lakers will be to make good on the mid rang jumpers. Dwight will make any shot around the basket hard. And they will guard the three good enough. Temas will have to hit a high percentage of mid range 2pt shots (the least efficient shot in basketball). If they are smart they will pressure guys at the theree line and force those mid range jump shots.

Dantonis was very close those couple yeaers to making the NBA finals. And that was when the west was owning the east in the finals. A couple came off the bench when Horry pulled the Lex Luger running shoulder butt on nash and got susepnded. I think the Spurs swept the Cavs that year.

I think the Lakers figure out and are just a good a bet as anyone in the west to lose to MIA in the finals. Evry team in the west has questions.

The Spurs are old and can the bench maintain in Playoffs and not fall off like they did to OKC?

The Clips are young and will Paul and the young running studs be enough to win 4 7 gamers.

Can Memphis guards keep shooting at such a high Percentage?

Can the thunder get close to equal production and steady scoring off the bench with Harden gone? It doesnt look good for them so far.

Can the lakers stay healthy enough and play good enough D. I think the health is the biggest concern for them.
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