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Lightbulb "Candy & Cathy, hope you both are well..."

I love Brian Wilson (seriously).

And I'd use The Beach Boys' sumptuous (respectable) harmonies to get on the good side of my parents:

"See mom & dad?..rock 'n roll can be 'good'!..
..*oh, please love me!*

...then I'd go to my room, close the door, put on the 'cans' and blast the song "Citidel" <---- THIS is bliss

I now suffer from tinnitus. Citdel (and my live friends Fender, Vox et al) Surprised?

ninman, not a flame, but there is often a striking resemblance between the guitar solos in a number of mid-60's 'surf tunes' and watered-down/cheesy Chuck Berry. Just sayin'....
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