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Page 26 of the Friend at Court:

USTA Comment 30.1:
A player may bring to the court written notes
that were prepared before the start of the match and may read these notes
during the match. A player may not use electronic devices such as cell
phones, digital messaging systems, radios, mp3 players, cd and dvd
players, cassette players, and any device capable of receiving
communication. Hearing aids and watches not capable of receiving
messages are permitted. A player desiring to use any other electronic
device should first ask the Referee whether the device may be used.

I don't know about the electronic scoring device. How reliable is it? Is it going to cause delays (if it has a glitch or something)? Is it going to add confusion if you forget to update it for a couple of consecutive points or something? If it always works, and it is always updated, and it helps, I think it's a good idea. I would have to see it before I would say if I would allow it. I think just calling the score before every point is still the way to go.

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