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Originally Posted by Irvin View Post

EDIT: I think some people think too much.
Pretty much says it all lol.

As for your test, you concluded you added 13lbs of tension to the string with your finger. Hehe ok, well, I'm not saying I don't trust your results, but it's your theory, so maybe if your results were obtained by someone else it would have more credibility.

To your question, for one, I use starting clamps. Moreover, it's another example of over-thinking things in my opinion. I mean, I'm fine with those who want to spend their time tinkering, experimenting with all these different theories, truly I am. Me - I'm a tennis "player/instructor", so if I spend time testing a hypothesis or developing a theory, it's along the lines of what I'm doing on the court.

But hey, more power to ya, man. Like I've said before, I definitely enjoy some of the ideas/concepts you've come up with, as well as your videos, but the notion that one can radically increase the tension on a string by taking out the play of a base just doesn't fly with me.
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