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Originally Posted by McEnroeisanartist View Post
1. Borg lost 32 games in 1978 French Open.
2. Borg lost 38 games in 1980 French Open.
3. Nadal lost 31 games in 2008 French Open.

Federer's best was losing 68 games at 2006 Wimbledon. This was the second fewest loss ever at Wimbledon.

Novak's best was losing 60 games at the 2011 Australian Open.
Great! Many thanks. Would you happen to have the stats for fewest games lost at USO? (and what is the fewest games lost at Wimbledon?)
I have another fun fact about Djoko. In which clay tournaments (that they both played at least once) does Djoko have a better record than Nadal? There are 2. Good luck!

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