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Originally Posted by Number1Coach View Post
Here i will give you and easy one to try and explain "build a point or construct a point " ? please explain this theory all you coaches use this term and it doesnt exist !! There is No way to build a point in todays game, its all about reacting in a ralley that is moving at mach speed and the only time you can think these days in tennis is on the serve and you can sometimes start guessing on return .

build a point ? clay courts build superior footwork I dont think so great footwork is built off court with hrs and hrs of hard work this is where it is built but coaches like you will spew this garbage out like it is law because you have know idea how to take a player to the beach put them and the sand and have them work for a good hr or two .

just to make sure I heard right because they are on clay they have superior footwork ? then are you saying building footwork off court is not needed ? which one is it ?

oh shyt BB.. now you've done it... you will have every arm chair coach and USTA wannabe coach on you for these comments.. every one and their moms are advocating playing on clay .. you just hit that bee hive .. here it come..

I agree on a lot of stuff you've addressed .. that is why you need to work with Deit on the stuff I told you the time I saw you before summer ... don't get too personal with me on these boards .. you can call me or facebook me.. people here are not my cup of tea,so hide my ID...
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