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Default Heal injuries in half the time.

This is not recommended for people with heart issues, stroke issues,or blood pressure issues, or those taking blood thinners, or other types of blood related medicines, smokers, or older people who may have these issues but don't know it.

First use ice on the injury immediately afterwards, 20 minutes on, and 20 minutes off for a few cycles. Once the swelling has gone down, and the pain abated somewhat, start using a vibrator that has a heat pad as part of it on the hurt muscle area, digging it into the hurt area so you increase circulation. This is supposed to cause a little pain, to focus the area.

Then place the injury under a little stress, so that it hurts a little, such as in a stretching position.

Here comes the martial arts technique: Focus on your core abdominal area and tighten it. Then "push" very hard, for a second and a half or so, towards the injury, so that your blood pressure goes through the roof. Relax and repeat. Focus your "chi" energy from the abdomen towards the injured area, in an attempt to flush out the injured particles and heal the energy in that damaged area, and improve circulation in that injured area. It feels as if you are trying to break through a log jam, and smash through the injury damage inside the hurt area, with this intended pushed focus. Hold the push for a few seconds, and repeat ten times, three times daily. Do this until the injury does not hurt you in daily life anymore. Healing time will be cut down by at least half. If you don't treat these, they can fester and molder forever, staying hidden until later years.

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